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News & Events

An Invitation From the Primate and the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop

Canada’s Truth and Reconcilliation Commission which has addressed the sad legacy of the Indian Residential Schools will hold its final event, the closing ceremonies of its six-year tenure, in Ottawa for four days commencing on Sunday, May 31st.

The daily themes are as follows

In the spirit of the 4th-day theme, we are calling our Church into “22 Days” of prayer and renewal in our commitments to healing and reconciliation among all people – the Indigenous Peoples of this land and all others who have come and settled and also call it home. These 22 Days will take us to the National Aboriginal Day of Prayer, on Sunday, June 21st.

Additional information is available on the Anglican Church of Canada's website

Cathedrals and churches across Canada to ring bells or chimes

Our national bishops are asking cathedrals and churches across Canada to ring bells or chimes for each of the 1017 indigenous women and girls murdered between 1980 and 2012 and for the 105 indigenous women and girls classified by the RCMP as missing in suspicious circumstances, 1122 in total. We will also be ringing bells/chimes in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples in their cry for justice and in calling for the establishment of a special commission. Dean Mike Sinclair of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Regina has initiated a response from Cathedrals across Canada to ring bells every Wednesday during the 22 day period at 2:00 pm. In addition to ringing our chimes on these Wednesdays we will also let our chimes be heard on Sunday May 31st and on Sunday June 21st. In order to commemorate each missing and murdered woman in this way, we will be ringing our chimes 225 times on each of these five occasions.

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